Paediatric Physiotherapy Centre

Physiotherapy & Early Intervention for children with Special Needs

About the Paediatric Physiotherapists...

Tan Siang Yin, Principal Paediatric Physiotherapist

Tan Siang Yin leads the new generation physiotherapy team which has taken over operations at The Rehab Practice Pte. Ltd. (after the retirement of its founding physiotherapist Laura Yeo).  She continues the Practice's commitment of providing caring, communicative, and holistic rehabilitation therapy services to neurologically-impaired persons seeking functional improvement.


Siang Yin, a former Singhealth Allied Health Science scholar, graduated from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy). She started her physiotherapy career at Singapore General Hospital and subsequently worked in KK Women's and Children's Hospital to pursue her passion on physiotherapy for children. Having worked in acute and chronic hospital setting for adults and children, Siang Yin has accumulated vast knowledge on treatment principles for clients across different age span. She also understands the different needs of children as they grow older. She has completed her postgraduate diploma training from University of Western Australia and became one of the first in Singapore to graduate with a Post Graduate Diploma in Neurological Rehabilitation (Paediatrics). Being a mother of two children, Siang Yin understands the challenges faced by parents and treats all her little clients as if her own.